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Sociology enables students to explore and understand their place in our world and recognise the importance of society around them. From learning about our education system, to the family, to why society is so separated and to lastly who and why do people commit crime and deviance, we consider Sociology to be of immense importance towards developing well-rounded and self-aware individuals. We believe that students who choose to pursue this subject at whatever level, must work hard to develop their ability to consider different sources of evidence and make their own deductions about social issues.

This subject helps students to better understand the social world and the structures within it by adopting several core skills such as; analytical, research and communication skills. We consider this subjects’ value to extend much further than school and we are committed to developing individuals that not only understand their place in the world but can be tolerant and empathetic towards the perspectives of people from different cultures and societies around the world. Through thinking critically about controversial issues in our society and working collaboratively with their peers, one of our most important focusses is students being able to develop and evaluate research methods used in sociological investigations and our curriculum provides students with the platform to practice this regularly.

This unique subject is invaluable to any future career and we believe our current sociology curriculum is both challenging and inspiring for students who are eager to extend their knowledge of the world around them.

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