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Ethos Team

Ethos Team

We are the Ethos Team. Our vision is to support the emotional, relational and spiritual needs of students and their families. We do this through a tailored programme which covers everything from individual mentoring to focused group intervention, parent skills classes to family coffee mornings, themed workshops to skills lessons, and a whole range of other activities in between. This programme is underpinned by our Learning Outcomes, where we aim to enable young people to develop character & values, build healthy relationships and understand Christian perspectives. We love to support the families and students of Rushden Academy, and believe that everyone has unique potential. 

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Rosie Benn - Youth Worker

Hi, I'm Rosie, the Ethos Youth Worker. My job is all about supporting our students, and helping them to reach their potential. On any day you might find me running a wellbeing course for a group of students, playing games at a lunch time drop in club, mentoring a young person who's having a difficult time, teaching a lesson on resilience, leading a reflective session on prayer, or maybe just making someone a hot chocolate. If you ever need to have a chat about the stuff that's going on in your life - big or small - why not come along to the Ethos room and say hello?

Mrs King - Family Support Worker

Hi everyone. I’m Mrs King and I just wanted to introduce myself as the Family Support Worker now working as part of the Ethos Team here at Rushden Academy. The team initially started back in February but, due to the national lockdown, ended up not really becoming part of Team Rushden until the summer. I am working with some families already and hope to get to meet more parents as time moves on and we hopefully get passed Covid19. 

Recent events hosted by the Ethos Team

Ethos Team Deliver Resilence Week

Every student in YEAR 9 took part in a lesson on mental wellbeing with tools for being resilient and signposting to find more help. 695 Students had a virtual wellbeing assembly, multiple tutor sessions and received an inspirational silicon wrist band.

I really like my new wristband; it looks great and reminds me that I am resilient.”  STUDENT

Drop in group highlights level of need

One student disclosed about self-harm during a drop-in group and was able to access specialist help and is regularly engaging with the Ethos Room for ongoing support.

“I feel much better, like a weight has been lifted. I feel like I’m freer and can think properly when I go outside, that really helps when I’m having a bad day…”  STUDENT

At risk girls engage with relationship workshop

The purpose of the 7-session OUTSIDE THE BOX course was to raise awareness of CSE & grooming risks with 8 vulnerable students & provide targeted RSE. 100% said they “feel better prepared to make healthy choices about sex & relationships”

“That you should value your body and not everyone can touch it and you can stop people from doing things.”  STUDENT

“To wait until 16 to have sex or it’s underage but I’m going to wait until I’m 20…”  STUDENT

Youth worker recognised for individual impact

‘I wanted to make it known what a massive positive impact Rosie has had on the wellbeing of a boy in my form. He had a horrific set of bereavements over the winter and when I first met him, he was really suffering.

Thankfully he was set up for a one on one counselling and although it is early days the smile on his face says it all. Thank you so much Rosie and the team.'  SCIENCE TEACHER


Young People Under Pressure: Stress

Young People Under Pressure: Peer Pressure

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