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Message From the Principal 26.04.24

Dear Parent / Carer

Another week has passed in the blink of an eye with lots of great things taking place around the school.

Mr Bocking delivered a hugely emotive assembly on the topic of Earth Day to all year groups. The assembly started with the iconic earthrise image which prompted discussions about why the image was so important to history. Mr Bocking then went on to talk about the rapidly increasing population and the impact on the earth’s finite resources and students were encouraged to reflect on the impact that more economically developed countries are having on poorer countries. Prior to the assembly Mr Bocking had placed various pieces of litter in the assembly hall to see if any student would pick it up without being prompted to do so. It was heartwarming to see Osesenaga do just that despite her fellow students all walking past the litter as she picked it all up by herself - a true display of exemplary character from her!

The Social Action Squad have been busy undertaking a range of projects which includes planting five new fruit trees and a large number of deciduous trees at the end of the field which mark the start of a new wild patch. In addition, members of the squad returned to the Serve Day Centre where they talked with a number of residents and played bingo!

A number of Year 11 students undertook the first of their examinations in drama and art this week as we enter the GCSE exam period. We recognise that this is a stressful time for Year 11s and all subject teachers and form tutors are on hand to support them in any way possible whether that be with sourcing additional resources, helping them prioritise revision topics or just talking to them to offer reassurance. Every little bit of revision makes a difference and so you should be seeing your child revising each evening and at weekends to ensure they are in the best possible position to excel in their examinations.  

We welcomed a large number of you into school on Thursday for Year 8 parents’ evening. It was great to see staff updating you on how your children are progressing in all of their subjects as well as offering feedback on what they need to improve. Parents’ evening is a critical evening to ensure that you are best placed to support your child with their schooling and so we will be following up directly with those of you who were unable to attend.

Finally,  Mrs Brainwood took Ben, Elliott, Olivia and Ellie to present to the Rotarian’s about their experience of Prison? Me? No Way! which was funded by the Rotary Club. They presented brilliantly despite the pressures of being on stage and talking into a microphone. Another great endorsement of how amazing the children of Rushden Academy are.

Have a restful weekend,

Yours sincerely,

Mr B Baines


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