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Massive Congratulations to Team Rushden!

Best results ever!

Team Rushden have achieved excellent results in both GCSE and Applied subjects, with improved results in every subject.

Excellent attainment for Lucy, Jakub, Laura, Isaac, Joanna, Penny, Sam, Thomas, Robert, James, Jorja, Jay, Alice, Tilly, Lewis, Ash, Amy-Kay, Lexi, Zack, Asta, Hope and Jessica.

Excellent progress for Jakub, Lucy, Jayden, Andreea M, Victoria, Paige, Leyla, Tomas, Tyler, Kayden, Macy, Alicia, Andreea S, Jay, Jennifer, Sophie, Jessica, Robert, Imarnai, Laura, Holly, Alice, Jake and William

The 3 top attaining pupils are Lucy, Jakub and Laura achieving the top grade 9s.

This year we saw a significant improvement in the overall progress measure and improved attainment for our pupils. 

Well done year 11 we are so pleased that they are able to move upwards and onwards to their next destinations with many continuing to stay in The East Northants College (TENC). Their sheer hard work and determination paid off, well done Team Rushden and thank you to parents, carers and staff for your continued support.

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