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Staff List

Staff List


Principal : Mrs J Burton

Senior Vice Principal : Mr R Middleton

Vice Principals

Mr T Billam

Mr J Firth

Assistant Principals

Mrs P Smith

Mr P Bocking


Mrs G Brainwood

Mrs S Finney

Business Manager: Mrs L Barratt

Heads of Year 

Miss H Taylor () : Year 7

Mrs K Monkman () : Year 8

Mr C Smith () : Year 9

Mrs S Finney (maternity leave)

Current: Mr R Smart () : Year 10

Mr R Smart () : Year 11

Mr P Chapman () : 6th Form

Teaching Departments

Creative Arts 

Mrs A Owen () : Head of Creative Arts

Miss S Anderson

Mrs D Conway

Mrs L Hazelton

Mrs P Smith


Miss J Neville () : Head of English

Miss A Blair

Ms N Lewis

Miss K Monkman

Miss L Montgomery

Miss K Neal

Mrs J Tudor

Mrs S Westley


Mr T Duffell (Head of KS4 Humanities - transition from KS3)

Mr W Ross (Head of KS3 Humanities - transition from KS2)

Mr P Bocking

Mrs G Bowers

Miss R Burrows

Miss N Denotti

Mr A Malden 

Miss M Ridley

Modern Foreign Languages 

Mrs G Brainwood (Head of Languages) ()

Mrs T Charlton

Performing Arts 

Mrs J Ede (Head of Performing Arts) ()

Mrs R Brooks

Miss C Grainger

Miss C Pilgrim

Miss H Taylor

Physical Education 

Mr S Harris (Head of Physical Education) ()

Ms H Davies

Mrs S Finney

Mrs R McVeigh

Mr R Smart

Mr C Smith


Mrs C Wiles (Head of Science) ()

Mr A Blackshaw

Mr J Brainwood

Mr P Chapman

Mr P Dunn

Miss L Hunter

Miss E Jepson


Mrs S Evans (Head of Mathematics) ()

Mrs A Armitage

Mr T Billam

Mr A Chambers

Mr J Firth

Mr A Glover

Mrs A Gurnham

Mr S Routhorn

Mr A Smith

Computing and Business

Mrs M Jones

Hair and Beauty

Mrs K Olrod (Head of Hair and Beauty) ()

Mrs M Hathaway

Support Staff

Business Manager

Mrs L Barratt

Behaviour, Inclusion and SMSC

Mrs S Clarke

Mrs S Meeks

Mrs J O'Keeffe

Mrs L Pritchett

Mrs J Trille


Mrs P Smith (SENCO)

Mrs M Van Davies


Ms N Raven

Mrs M Quantrill

Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Buckoke (EAL coordinator) 

Mrs V Cooper

Miss S Danby

Miss C Essom (Academic Mentor)

Mrs L Yeoman

Cover Supervisors

Mrs L McGifford

Miss K Neal


Mrs S Barrett

Mrs R Patenall


Miss E Buckoke

Miss A Savage

Exams Officer

Mrs S Chambers

PA to Principal

Mrs K Lloyd

6th Form Administration

Mrs E Brooks (Administration Manager)

Mrs A Kemal

Mrs J Steele


Mrs M Ablett

Mrs S Hanna


Miss S Attwood


Mrs K Lowe


Mr L Ward (Site Manager)

Mrs M Bilson

Mrs E Busby

Mrs D Cottage

Mr M Stephenson

IT Support 

Mr M Shaw (Network Manager)

Mr A Cooper

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