For assembly you should walk in silence to the Lecture Theatre with your form tutor and line up in a straight line until you are asked to go in for assembly.


Remember that when you come into the school gates you should dismount your bike and walk your bike down to the bike sheds. Remember that it is your responsibility to lock up your bike.

Movement around the School

Students are expected to walk quietly around the school and there should be no running or silly behaviour.


You shouldn't ask to go to the toilet during lesson time. Use break and lunch to use the toilets. If you are desperate, or in an emergency, then your teacher will give you an out of lesson pass to use.

Entry to the School

The School bell goes at 8:35am. When the bells goes you should quietly go to your form class and line up outside your form room. The School gates that lead on to Spencer Park will close at 8:35am, so if you are late you will need to enter into the School through the Hayway entrance.

Personal Property

Take care of all of your belongings, do not bring expensive items into the school as we wouldn't want you to damage them or lose them.


Our Academy Uniform

  • Plain black school blazer with black buttons - a fashion jacket is neither acceptable nor permitted for the school
  • Plain white shirt with a collar and top button
  • School tie
  • Academy skirt or black full-length tailored trousers
  • Sensible black shoes
  • A plain black V-necked jumper is permitted only when worn underneath the School blazer

Uniform FAQ

Can I wear trainers?

You may only wear trainers that are totally black. They cannot have any logos, stripes or flashes and they must have black laces. No other trainers are acceptable.

Can we wear boots?

No. Ugg boots and similar are not acceptable.

Can we wear leggings instead of trousers?

Absolutely not. Leggings are unacceptable.

Do we have to wear a blazer?

Yes. You can wear a black V neck jumper underneath, but you must still wear a blazer.

Can we wear a jumper?

Yes. You can wear a black V neck underneath your blazer, but not instead of a blazer.

Can we wear a hoodie?

Absolutely not. If you need to keep warm on the way to the school, you should wear a waterproof jacket or coat. It must not be worn around the school.

Can we wear a baseball cap or a hat?

No. In really cold weather you may need a hat on the way to and from the school, but you must not wear it on the school premises or grounds.

Are there rules about hair styles?

Hair should be neat and tidy. We do not have rules about hair length, but if students colour their hair it must be in a natural tone, not a vivid, bright or unnatural colour.

What about piercings?

Facial piercings other than simple ear studs are not allowed.

Rushden Academy

Rushden Academy

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KS3 Head of Years

Head of Year 7 - Mrs K Monkman

Head of Year 8 - Mr C Smith

KS4 Head of Years

Head of Year 9 - Mrs S Finney

Head of Year 10 - Mr S Harris

Head of Year 11 - Mrs A Gurnham

KS5 Head of Year

Head of Year 12 & 13 - Mr P Chapman

Deputy Head of Year 12 & 13 - Mrs A Owen

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