It has been fantastic to see how smart the majority of our students look on returning after the summer. One of our key values is to be SMART and underpinning this value is to wear our uniform with pride. With so many students meeting all this is expected of them it has also brought into focus some issues that a few students have presented that require addressing.

(1) Piercings

We would like to remind students and parents our policy regarding piercings

Facial piercings other than 2 stud earrings are not allowed in school. There are a small number of mainly female students in Yrs 9-11 who continue to arrive with a nose stud and sometimes a nose ring on display. 

We have endeavoured to support students over issues with piercings by allowing them to wear a clear plastic retainer until such time that the piercing does not close during the school day. This has helped address matters surrounding 'I can't take it out yet' 'I've just had it pierced' - despite guidance which directed students to have any facial piercing done at the start of the summer break to allow for it to heal and be removed ready for a return to school.

For those students with new or recent piercings, tutors and Heads of Year are recording and setting a date whereby the student should no longer require the use of a retainer. They will then meet school policy.

There remain some students that are continuing to go against policy by presenting to school with facial piercings. Parents will be receiving a warning letter in the first instance when any student continues to not meet school policy. We do not wish to use sanctions to address this issue, however, sanctions will follow should the situation continue.

(2) Non-School Jumpers

Again a very small minority of students, no more that 8, have begun wearing branded sweatshirts some with logo's during the school day. This is not school uniform and is not a replacement for the blazer. Should a student wish to wear a jumper this must be plain black and v-neck. It does not need to have the school logo on it. It is important to remember that the wearing of a jumper is optional. Students must come to school with their blazer as this is a compulsory item of school uniform. Students who were non-uniform jumpers will be warned and the jumper confiscated for collection by parents should the issue continue.

Full details of uniform and student presentation can be found in the Student Personal Presentation Policy located in the policies section of the school website. 

Mr R Middleton

Vice Principal

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