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We are proud to say that Rushden Academy is a Green Flag Eco School.

We have a committee of over 20 ecologically friendly and determined students who want to make, not only our school, but our local community greener.

Rushden Academy is a Green Flag Eco School

Over the past 15months we have focussed on three main issues:

Waste: we have recycled plastic bottles, crisp packets, clothes, introduced compost bins and reduced energy use.

Litter: we have introduced recycling bins, and supported anti-littering policies. 

Biodiversity: we fundraised to purchase bird feeders, nest boxes, tables, and seeds for our large flower beds.

From September we will as a committee look to improve 2 more areas of our environmental impact.

Follow us on instagram: rushdenacademyecoclub

If you would like to join us in our quest to make the planet a greener place one small act at a time, we are always looking for more members. Email Miss Wiles to join the club!


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