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Happy New Year and welcome back!


This week’s assembly started by introducing Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages and endings. January is named after Janus.In the assembly we considered New Year’s Eve traditions and the art of making New Year’s resolutions. We identified the most common ones, the most extreme ones and considered if only 8% of us actually manage to keep resolutions by the end of the year, is it worth doing? Maybe we should make small changes every day to grow and develop and by the end of the year we would have made the difference we want to make? The key Team Rushden values that we thought about were being smart in appearance and attitude, about being respectful about ourselves, others and the environment and being resilient.

Resilience is an important skill to have; the easy option can be to give in and not try for fear of getting or doing something wrong. Ironically the more we do get wrong the more we learn! Year 11 have recently completed their mock exams and staff have been busy marking examination papers, analyzing each and every question to support our students to make improvements and reach their targets. Staff commented that some pupils did not answer all the questions, leaving huge gaps and therefore they missed crucial marks. The pupils will be filling these gaps over the next few days and doing their corrections so that they learn from their mistakes. They need to build their confidence and resilience in preparation for their next mock in March before sitting their final GCSEs.

There are roughly 74 school days left before the intensive examination period for y11, so every teaching and learning moment matters. GCSEPod should be used regularly at home and pupils should be making revision notes every evening, continually chipping away so they have every chance to succeed. Year 12 and Year 13 are sitting their trial examinations next week, unless they are studying BTECs or Level 2 courses they will not be in lessons but independently revising.

Thank you for your feedback on the proposal to reduce our intake numbers for y7 in September, we have received 116 completed online questionnaires to date. We will resend the link in case you would like to comment during this consultation period. The aim is to reduce our intake number to 180 pupils rather than 210. Looking back over the last 7 years we have not managed to fill 180 places, but as we increase in popularity due to our improved results and strong Team Rushden values we want to be able to grow steadily and not impact on the learning of our current pupils.

I do hope that you enjoy reading the bulletins and looking through the photos, I hope that you get a feel for what we are doing here at Rushden Academy. You are always welcome to come and have a look around, we have an open door policy and love to showcase what we are doing here. Come and see firsthand for yourself what we are doing, it is good to get feedback from you so we can reflect, act and continue to improve. After all, we have the same goal and together we can make that difference for your son/daughter’s future.

Mrs J Burton


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