In year 8 students continue to develop their skills in both Human and Physical Geography. They start the year by looking at the geography of the weather and then return to physical geography later in the year by examining coasts. In terms of human geography students will look at the geography of development around the world, examining the difference between more and less economically developed countries and then take part in a study of the geography of war and conflict. This enables students to make clear links to the world around them and the global society that we now live in. Students are encouraged to take part in lively discussions and debates about current affairs within these areas whilst also developing the key skills in geography and practising extended writing techniques. The curriculum for year 8 has been carefully planned to allow students to develop the necessary skills to embark on GCSE geography and further study.

Religious Education

In year 8 the focus of religious education at the Academy is centred on the Big Questions posed whilst living in our world today. Students study the debates surrounding the start of the universe and start to interpret different arguments about a range of contemporary and moral issues. These include the position of the nuclear family in modern society, the debates over the existence of evil and suffering in the world and the issues of reproduction from a religious and a secular point of view. Students are encouraged to develop their own opinions and the use of discussion and real life examples brings to life the RE curriculum allowing all students to be engaged and involved in their own learning.


What was Britain’s role in Slavery? Who was Jack the Ripper and how was he able to go undetected throughout the streets of Victorian London? Why did Britain go to war? These are just some of the key questions we consider in year eight history lessons. Throughout the year students will explore the British Empire and Industrial Revolution, Jack the Ripper and then delve into twentieth century History looking at the outbreak of World War I and II. We consider the horrific conditions endured by all sides in trench warfare, investigate whether the Treaty of Versailles was designed to bring peace or revenge all whilst developing key historical skills including source analysis, change and continuity, significance and interpretations. These skills form the foundation of GCSE History.


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