Arriving in year 7 students will begin with one of the most important geographical skills, the use of maps. This is a continuation of some of the work that will have been started in primary school and will see students developing the use of longitude and latitude, identifying map symbols and their map reading to six figure grid references. These skills form an important basis for the study of Geography throughout the academy and especially for students who embark on the study of Geography at GCSE. We then embark on a tour of Fantastic Places around the world including the Arctic, Las Vegas and Kibera. Throughout this topic students look at a range of physical and human geographical issues like why some countries develop faster than others, the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic and whether tourism through the slums of Kibera should be allowed. Throughout year 7 there is a focus on the key skills in Geography for example developing subject specific extended writing and interpreting geographical data.

Religious Education

In Year 7 we develop the learning that has taken place at Primary school. Initially we focus on Christianity by looking in detail at the origins of Christian beliefs and using stories from the Bible to develop students’ understanding of the foundations of these beliefs. We then look at Christian festivals, including Christmas and Easter and Christian rites of passage including baptism and marriage. Finally we look at the different denominations of the religion, when they were created and the differences in belief and worship. Throughout the year we promote tolerance and equality, allowing all students to learn about religion whilst also expressing and developing their own ideas about faith and worship.


Students in Year 7 begin their History studies by developing some of the key skills which underpin the subject such as using evidence and developing a sense of chronology. All students are then prepared to embark on their journey throughout the History of Britain. In year 7 topics taught include the Norman invasion in 1066, Castles and Life in Medieval Britain. Students then proceed to study the Tudors and the Stuarts. Key themes of monarchy and what life was like for different groups of people are explored whilst developing skills of change and continuity, cause and consequence and the use of historical evidence. These skills are crucial for the further study of History but also allow students to progress well in other subject areas across the school where they are expected to develop their extended writing skills.

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