HEAD BOY/GIRL  - 6th Form 

Head Boy – Tom Casswell

Head Girl – Saskia Wright

Deputy Head Boy – Dominic Barr

Deputy Head Girl – Bonita Silsby-Watson

It is a major part of their role to represent Team Rushden both in school and in the local community at events such as our annual Rewards Evening, Open Evening and Remembrance Service. 

Another part of their role is to be active members of the Student Forum, Student Council and the 6th Form prefect team. As part of this they help provide the student voice and opinion to staff on key issues and raise awareness of any concerns that students may have. They will also be involved in projects around school and in the community such as improving the school environment and working with the elderly at the Tea Dance.

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Made up of volunteers that were all excellent candidates.

They are involved in similar roles to the HB/HB etc around school in terms of being strong role models, advocates for the school and supporting key events such as Open Evenings.

The team of 5 students, are delegated to each year group during forum meetings to guide discussions and gain feedback. They will then present their year groups ideas at the Student Council.



Established in July 2017 to get the students more involved in decision making around school and feeling like they have a say.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • To help gage what students would like to see change in school
  • To provide staff with ideas on how these changes might take affect
  • To inform staff of student opinion and give feedback on key issues


STUDENT FORUM - 2 reps per form – Yr7 (12), Yr8 (12), Yr9 (10), Yr 10 (10), Yr11 (14) - students to meet with Mrs Finney at least half termly

FORUM meet to bring ideas from their forms and then discuss these with their fellow form reps in their year groups.


STUDENT COUNCIL Yr11 Leadership Team + HB/HG/DHB/DHG - students to meet with Mrs Finney and Mrs Owen.

STUDENT COUNCIL meet to discuss ideas from different year groups that were suggested at the forum and then make key decisions on actions alongside key staff.


Feedback to staff via email from Mrs Finney as well as in briefings / meetings and students via briefings, assemblies, tutors and HOY.

Agenda and updates also displayed on Student Council boards for each meeting.


Topics discussed last year included:

  • Rewards – What rewards? Trips? Where to? What criteria?
  • Bullying – What is bullying? How can we stop bullying? How do we report bullying? What is done about bullying?
  • Behaviour – What does good/bad behaviour look like? What is done about it? Is this good enough?
  • Environment – How can we improve the litter situation in school?
  • Culture / community – How can we improve the sense of community? Run an event e.g. Carnival - each form has a stand to run
  • Other topic ideas: Charity work, restorative justice, teaching and learning policy, Learning for Life Days, trips, uniform……


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