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Geography enables students to understand the local, national and global context surrounding their day to day lives and to gain an appreciation for both the science behind our ever-changing planet, as well as the decisions that we as humans make. We aim to develop geographers that are both well informed and responsible world citizens. Educating students about key concepts of Geography not only makes students more understanding of diverse world cultures, it also changes the way students think about problem solving and how they apply a unique set of skills to achieve success. Students will work hard to think critically about the world around them and to fully comprehend their roles in the future of our planet. We believe that it is vital to make sure that KS3 students have the geographical skills needed to ensure that they are successful in later life irrespective of whether they pursue Key Stage 4, 5 or even A-level qualifications, which is why we have carefully considered the national curriculum and covered key components of it.  Throughout the journey from Year 7 to 13, students will adopt a sense of place and appreciate their position in the world relative to others, developing a tolerance for other cultures and understanding the importance of sustainability and stewardship. One of our most important focuses is to broaden student’s horizons and help them to appreciate life outside of East Northamptonshire, many students have not ventured outside of Rushden and this course provides them with an opportunity to do so through both curriculum based learning as well as inspiring fieldtrips. 


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