History Department curriculum intent.


  1. To develop a love of the subject that continues into adult life
  2. To gain skills - both subject specific and those wider, transferable skills linked to the world of work - such as causation, significance, consequence, change and continuity, extended reading and analytical skills
  3. To foster a sense of ambition by making students aware of the range of careers that history skills contribute to - eg. teaching/policing/research/museum curating/politics and a range of careers where it is important to be able to read, select and present significant information in a logical way
  4. To equip our pupils with both British and world cultural heritage based on an acquired understanding of the key events and people who have shaped it
  5. For our pupils to recognise the historical importance of their locality, giving them a secure sense of place and being
  6. For our pupils to be able to develop a strong empathetic view of the people whose stories they will have opportunities to study
  7. For our pupils to develop an appreciation and understanding of social, political, economic, religious and military factors throughout history
  8. To examine the role of key individuals in shaping both British and world history
  9. To further their historical understanding and interest through a range of appropriate site-visits, locally and further-afield
  10. To support our students in developing reading and writing skills that supports literacy across the curriculum

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