Vocational (career-based) BTEC qualifications are designed to give learners the skills and knowledge needed to move into employment or progress to higher education. The content of your qualification is therefore created and developed with the support and input of employers, industries and Higher Education establishments. These qualifications are written to meet the regulatory expectations of Government and national organisations. The delivery and assessment of your qualification is carefully planned and monitored through clearly identified quality assurance measures to ensure that every BTEC learner’s achievement is judged fairly and equally.

● Study of the qualification as part of Key Stage 4 learning will help learners to make more informed choices for further learning either generally or in this sector. The choices that learners can make post-16 will depend on their overall level of attainment and their performance in the qualification. Learners who generally achieve at Level 2 across their Key Stage 4 learning might consider progression to:

• A Levels as preparation for entry to higher education in a range of subjects

• study of a vocational qualification at Level 3, such as a BTEC Level 3 National in Children’s Care, Learning and Development or a vocational qualification in a related sector such as a BTEC Level 3 National in Health and Social Care. These qualifications prepare learners to enter employment or apprenticeships, or for a move to higher education to study a degree in early childhood or childhood and youth areas or in related sectors such as nursing and social care

● The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Child Development is for learners who want to acquire technical knowledge and technical skills through vocational contexts by planning, developing and adapting play opportunities suitable for young children across five areas of development as part of their Key Stage 4 learning. The qualification recognises the value of learning skills, knowledge and vocational attributes to complement GCSEs. The qualification will broaden the learners experience and understanding of the varied progression options available to them.

Component 1- Children's Growth and Development -Exploring how children grow and develop from birth to 5 years. Students will look at expected milestones in 3 different age groups. The course looks at development as being holistic and so students will learn about Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Communication and Language and Physical development Component 2- Learning through Play- Students will look at how children develop through different types of play and adult support.

Component 3- Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop, is assessed through a single external assessment. As this component builds directly on Components 1 and 2, it enables learning to be brought together and applied to realistic contexts. The external assessment requires learners to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of child development by considering how individual circumstances across the five areas of development affect a child’s ability or capacity to learn through play and meet expected development milestones. They will apply their knowledge of techniques and skills to adapt activities to meet the individual circumstances that children may experience to ensure that all children play, learn and develop.

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