Rushden Academy Equality Objectives:

Updated: January 2017 – to be achieved 2017 to 2019

By: M Stenton, Principal

Equality objective 1: To ensure, for all students and staff, active and effective zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination and prejudice.

Why we have chosen this objective:  
 All have the right to learn and work in a respectful and supportive environment, free from prejudice or discrimination of any kind.

To achieve this objective we plan to:  

Ensure that our Anti-bullying policy is rigorously and robustly administered.

Ensure that our taught and wider curriculum celebrates diversity and facilitates the growth and development of children as tolerant and respectful citizens.

Progress we are making towards achieving this objective:
Robust anti-bullying policy and effective action by all senior leaders, teachers and pastoral leaders is leading to a rapid reduction in actual bullying and perceived bullying – evidenced by student voice and constantly maintained records of the Vice Principal. Team Rushden demands zero tolerance of bullying and all are aware of the consequences.

Equality objective 2: Ensure that socio-economic disadvantage is not a barrier to any student making good academic progress and thriving at school.

Why we have chosen this objective:
All students have a right to a high quality education and should be supported to ensure they have as equal an opportunity to succeed as any other child or young person.

To achieve this objective we plan to:
Effectively use Pupil Premium funding so that all students make good progress. Consistently and relentlessly improve the quality of teaching and learning received by every student. 

Use funding effectively to ensure that no student is financially disadvantaged in terms of resources, opportunities and participation in academy activities.

Progress we are making towards achieving this objective:
Pupil Premium funding ensures that we can add additional support for uniform, resources such as revision aids and funding for curriculum activities such as trips and visits.Additional support is allocated through our Pupil Premium plan to identified needs. 

All staff are now rigorously held to account for the rapid improvement of progress for all students but particularly those who are disadvantaged.

Equality objective 3: Deliver Special Educational Needs and Disabilities provision effectively and efficiently so that the needs of all students are met, ensuring that they make good academic progress and thrive in school.

Why we have chosen this objective:

It is our duty to successfully meet the needs of all students and provide successful, efficient and effective personalised support for all children and young people experiencing any category of special educational need and/or disability.

To achieve this objective we plan to:
Our new SENCO and Assistant SENCO have re-written our SEND strategy and format of delivery. It is focussed on personalised provision and intervention, in-class differentiation and support as required, better CPD for teachers and high quality communication with parents and carers.

Progress we are making towards achieving this objective:

New appointments, personalised plans, parent/carer meetings, staff training and new resources have all been achieved in Term 1 of this school year.

New and improved intervention programmes in place for KS3 literacy and numeracy.

Personalised GCSE support in place at Key Stage 4.

Personal Support Assistant assigned to 6th Form.

Rushden Academy

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Head of year 9 - Mrs A Gurnham

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Head of year 11  - Miss J Neville

KS5 Head of Year

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