Following the most recent Covid-19 restrictions, our school site is now closed to everyone.

We will be unable to respond to telephone messages left, if you need to contact school, please use the following emails:

General advice and guidance: info@rushden-academy.net

Head of Year 7: k.monkman@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 8: c.smith@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 9: s.finney@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 10: r.smart@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 11: a.gurnham@rushden-academy.net
Head of 6th Form: p.chapman@rushden-academy.net

Head of Maths: s.evans@rushden-academy.net
Head of English: j.neville@rushden-academy.net
Head of Science: c.wiles@rushden-academy.net
Head of MFL: g.brainwood@rushden-academy.net
Head of Creative Arts: a.owen@rushden-academy.net
Head of Performing Arts: j.ede@rushden-academy.net
Head of PE: s.harris@rushden-academy.net
Humanities contact: p.bocking@rushden-academy.net

We send you our very best wishes and ask that you look after yourselves and your families. As hard as it is to self-isolate and distance yourself from others, it is a must now and certainly is in everyone’s best interest.


We Value: 

A chance to have a say about our school

Opportunities to participate in discussion

Each other’s point of view

We Have: 

Elections for Student leadership

Student Council/ Student Forum

Student panels for staff interviews

Student feedback and student voice questionnaires

Freedom of speech and opportunities to express our views

We Learn:

Why we pay taxes and what these are used for

Current affairs and elections.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We Value: 

Treating others as we want to be treated

Respecting each other’s opinion

Our diverse culture of students and staff

Personal Identity, and diversity in British communities

We Learn:

How to have healthy relationships, online and offline

How to identify and prevent Radicalisation and extremism.

And Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in relation to disability, sexuality, race, religion and gender.

How we can respect and celebrate British Values, within the Religion and Culture of our choice.



We are responsible for our learning and our actions

We all have a responsibility to promote and protect the wellbeing of others

We accept the consequences of our actions

We learn: 

How to live sustainability

How to look after our environment and protect animal rights


Individual Liberty

We are entitled to hold our own viewpoint without being judged. 

We have the freedom to make choices, and recognise that we are accountable for all our actions.

We have access to a broad curriculum of subjects and extra-curricular opportunities

We celebrate and appreciate difference

We learn:

How to sustain a healthy lifestyle

How to plan for our futures: Careers and employability 


The Rule of Law

Learning for Life days:

Knife crime

Acid attacks

Hate Crime

Prison, Me? No Way!

The law surrounding Drugs, alcohol, smoking, and sexual consent

The law and young offenders

The criminal justice system

Gangs and county lines

Managing conflict successfully

We accept the consequences of our actions

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Northamptonshire. NN10 6AG
t: 01933 350391
e: info@rushden-academy.net

Rushden Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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