Following the most recent Covid-19 restrictions, our school site is now closed to everyone.

We will be unable to respond to telephone messages left, if you need to contact school, please use the following emails:

General advice and guidance: info@rushden-academy.net

Head of Year 7: k.monkman@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 8: c.smith@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 9: s.finney@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 10: r.smart@rushden-academy.net
Head of Year 11: a.gurnham@rushden-academy.net
Head of 6th Form: p.chapman@rushden-academy.net

Head of Maths: s.evans@rushden-academy.net
Head of English: j.neville@rushden-academy.net
Head of Science: c.wiles@rushden-academy.net
Head of MFL: g.brainwood@rushden-academy.net
Head of Creative Arts: a.owen@rushden-academy.net
Head of Performing Arts: j.ede@rushden-academy.net
Head of PE: s.harris@rushden-academy.net
Humanities contact: p.bocking@rushden-academy.net

We send you our very best wishes and ask that you look after yourselves and your families. As hard as it is to self-isolate and distance yourself from others, it is a must now and certainly is in everyone’s best interest.

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Important Information: Covid-19

23 March 2020

Dear All

Every day is a new day in the fight against Coronavirus (Covid 19) and the Government’s advice changes to ensure we act swiftly to keep ourselves and others safe.

Social Isolation

Schools are officially closed and even the children of key workers are now recommended to stay at home. As per BBC news all parents are urged not to send their sons/daughters to school.  We are only offering a child-minding facility and many, if not all of our pupils are able and probably safer to look after themselves at home, thus ensuring that we minimise contact with others.

There is no legal age a child can be left home alone.  Every child matures differently, so it would be almost impossible to have a "one size fits all" law.  However, parents and carers are responsible for keeping their children safe.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our cleaning is having an effect in the fight against this virus.  We have measures in place like insisting on 2m social distancing and frequent washing of hands.  However, we could have several humans working in close proximity that could bring in a flora of different microbes including C19, this clearly is not in the best interests of anyone concerned.

Schools are certainly not operating like they did, teaching and learning is not the focus if pupils do attend. However, work is being set electronically for pupils by their teachers and is being placed in Google Classroom, this is where the rigour and high expectations of learning are.  Pupils can continue with some form of education independently without the need to socialise.  This is a very serious situation for humankind and we need to radically change our behaviours.

External Examinations – Year 11 and Year 13

Guidance states that Ofqual, the independent qualifications regulator, will develop a fair and robust process that takes into account a broad range of evidence, including teacher assessment and prior attainment.

Pupils who do not feel their calculated grade reflects their performance will have the opportunity to sit an exam, as soon as is reasonably possible after schools and colleges open again.  The school’s advice is to continue to work for your GCSEs and A levels.

Please refer to the Rushden Academy website for contact details should you need our support during this challenging time. Our thoughts are with you and your families as we get through this difficult period.

Kind regards


Mrs J Burton




If you find yourself in extreme difficulty financially over the coming weeks, please remember Rushden Food Bank is there to help.

ENCS Foodbank Rushden

Full Gospel Church,

High Street South,


NN10 0QX

Opening times: Tuesday and Thursday 9.30 am - 12.30 pm on both days. 

Contact number: 01933 418002


Please note that this is a crisis service.  On that basis you will be able to visit the foodbank 6 times in a year. On each visit they will provide you with enough non-perishable items for 2 weeks. On your first visit you will need to spend approximately 20 mins with one of the workers completing your application.  



Please ensure that you take written evidence of extreme difficulty.  For example: if you have had your households working hours reduced on no pay, a letter from your employer confirming this would be evidence.  If you have had a bill come in that you will struggle to pay as well as providing food take a copy of the bill and evidence of insufficient funds (e.g. bank statement).  If you are waiting for benefits payments to be agreed/start the Benefits office will have given you a letter that you would be able to use.








03:00PM - 06:00PM

Rushden Academy
Northamptonshire. NN10 6AG
t: 01933 350391
e: info@rushden-academy.net

Rushden Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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