The 16 to 19 Tuition Fund – V2. Updated February 2021


This document provides an overview for how the funding made available from the Department for Education will be spent during the academic year 2020 – 2021 and outlines how students were identified for this additional support.


Funding made available: £6267


Criteria for identifying students:


Students have been identified as those who did not achieve a standard 4 in either English or Maths at KS4 (DfE’s disadvantaged measure). The students also fall into any of the following categories:


  1. Students who have had an Attitude to Learning (ATL) score of a 3 or 4, raising concerns about their engagement with the learning.


  1. Students who have a score of 3 or 4 for either organisation, work in lesson or work outside of lessons


  1. Students who are performing a grade or more below their target grade


  1. Students where attendance has been raised as a cause for concern


Additional considerations have been made for those who are SEND and need further support.


Support provided for students:


Based on the students identified for additional support, 16 groups have been created containing no more than 4 students for additional tuition across a range of subjects.


Funding has been used to offer these groups specialist teaching from teaching staff within the Academy. Based on the allocation of funds and costs of tuition, we are in a position to offer each group 7 hours of additional tuition. Tuition for these groups will cost approximately £5,600.


There will be a small reserve of funds, approximately £667, to cover any additional resources and equipment that teachers and/or students may need to support them during these additional sessions. This may include items such as revision guides and subject specific supplies.


In addition to the planned tuition, we will be putting together a series of virtual and digital resources to support students across a range of subject areas. These resources will also cover more pastoral and self-development tools.

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